Rhea Anna professional bio portrait by buffalo photographer Luke Copping

Cocktails? Yes Please!

Rhea Anna professional bio portrait by buffalo photographer Luke Copping

I have been in need of a new bio portrait for a long time, but I just never seemed to be able to find the time with how busy I have been over the past few months (or I was just plain avoiding it) Thankfully my friend and long time mentor Rhea Anna came to the rescue when she proposed that we swap portraits, of which she was also in need. Late last week we met up at my studio to finally make it happen.

Me and Rhea both specialize in photographing people, but neither one of us is very used to being on the other side of the lens. Aside from a large collection of very goofy and very surreal lighting tests that Rhea has accumulated of me over the years (she could probably publish a small book of them). I generally tend to make appearances on camera in a strictly iPhone / snaps at the bar / wearing a chicken suit kinda way, so It is a rare day when I can be convinced to sit for a formal portrait but with Rhea on board I knew I was going to be in good hands. I also knew we were going to be in for one hell of a good party!

Prep before the shoot included getting a much-needed haircut, stocking the studio’s fridge, and recruiting my friend – makeup stylist superstar Nicole Barry – to get us ready for the camera. Getting together with Rhea, whether we are working on a project together or just socially, is always a blast, and I knew I was in for a night of great pictures and classy cocktails when she showed up with a bottle of my favorite libation for me as a gift.

Hendricks Gin

Being super cool, rock and roll, jet set photographers – we naturally nerded out hard and got way into shooting. We were just bouncing ideas around on lighting, changing the studio setup around, talking about styling (Rhea even jumped in to fix my hair on few occasions) and enjoying the occasional strong beverages. We got so into taking pictures that we didn’t even realize that one of Rhea’s friends had gotten locked out of the studio for a while! We both ended up with new pictures we love, and a great new story to add to the chronicle of our many years of collaboration.

We will definitely be doing this again.

Stop by Rhea’s blog to see her take on the experience and another set of images.

New bio portrait of Luke Copping by Buffalo Photographer Rhea Anna

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