Portrait of Block Club editor Ben Siegel

Ben Siegel

Portrait of Block Club editor Ben SiegelBen Siegel Header

The team from Block Club recently paid a visit to Victory Studios while I was working on creating some new images for an upcoming issue.  You will have to wait until the new year to see the finished results of the shoot, but in the meantime, Block Club magazine editor Ben Siegel was brave enough to jump in front of the lens for a few frames of his own.

Ben and the rest of the team at Block Club blow me away with how dedicated they are to what they do, and how passionate they are about their community and creativity. I love the ideas that they have been presenting on their website lately. Their “We Want Better!” campaign is inspiring – the refusal to accept mediocrity and actually take the initiative to craft something better is a philosophy that every creative can and should take to heart. It’s the kind of declarative statement that can become a cornerstone in the development of any new idea or project.

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