Foggy Mountains

Personal Record 11.3.2011

Personal Record is an ongoing stream of the images I make outside of my professional career. The personal images, mobile images, outtakes, and  random candid images that I take on my iPhone, my X100, my 5D MKII or whatever other camera I happen to have handy at the time; a documentation of my day-to-day life and the things I come across that interest me visually.

Andy at the scariest diner in the world

On our way to NYC for the PDN PhotoPlus Expo we stopped at what must have been the scariest and most abandoned diner in the northeast.

NYC Skyline

Arriving in NYC and heading to our apartment.

Aaron Ingrao in front of the mural in the apartment we rented

The apartment that we rented (and were rapidly kicked out of – though no fault of our own thankfully) had the most amazing full wall mural in it.

Scott Gable at PDN photo PlusFrom the PDN Photo Plus Expo Floor

Images from the PDN PhotoPlus Expo Floor.

ASMP President Jim Cavanaugh's Birthday Dinner

Out to dinner for ASMP National President Jim Cavanaugh’s birthday.

The view from room 1102 The view from room 1102

The views from room 1102, at our second residence of the week.

Aaron Ingrao trying to be too cool

Aaron, in the early AM, SoHo.

SkylineA long way down to the subwayGiant Neon tubes at MOMA

More Scenes from NYC.

Me and Aaron meeting chase Jarvis

Meeting Chase Jarvis at the PDN PhotoPlus Bash.

Foggy MountainsFoggy Mountains

On our way back the snow started to come down, and the roads started getting bad.

Me and Kasha, on the night I got back

After a long drive back in bad weather all I managed to do was fall asleep on the couch with Kasha – Photo by Erin.

Lake eerie the day I cam back from NYC

Lake Erie, as the storm broke.

Post workout, ready to brave the WNY cold tonight

Me, post workout, ready to brave the cold.

Breakfast with PaulBreakfast with Scott Gable and Jim Cavanaugh

Breakfast with friends.

Some scenes from the studio this week: Jenn, Me, The whole gang, Nicole, Aaron.


A lone street lamp turning on at dusk.



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