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Required Reading 9.23.2011


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Required Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week. The stuff that’s worth bookmarking and gets my brain-juices flowing.

It has been both a busy but somehow relaxing week. Finishing up a bunch of projects so that I can get started on some new ideas I have been toying with has found me spending my days and evenings doing something I love, just getting lost in retouching and finishing projects. There is a lot of things in the air right now that I am just starting to juggle: numerous commercial and personal projects, a lot of new promotional experimenting, a few major trips on the horizon… it is a very exciting time right now.

• I just love graphic, it sums up my response to people complaining about creative boredom perfectly.

• Twelve art and design documentaries you should queue is a great list of easily available creative docs, from the insights shared in Art & Copy to the the often pretentious lunacy of Exit Through The Gift Shop

• A sampling of the work of Dylan Reyes from Ben Travato, I just became aware of his work recently and am really excited by it.

Stanley Kubrick’s Chicago, 1949 – simply hypnotic images.

• A Magazine Curated By Riccardo Tisci – I just cannot stop looking at this, a remarkable collection of work.

• Perhaps the best headline I have ever read, as well as a really intriguing topic of discussion“Ice Cube Celebrates Ray and Charles Eames”

• I loved the Muppet Show growing up, I still do today, along with pretty much everything else Jim Henson did. So I really really love these retro style posters for a band with possibly the most iconic drummer of all time.

• And on the subject of music, weirdness, style, and general greatness… this music video By Three Trapped Tigers featuring Matt Berry is…. well… just watch it.  

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