Required Reading

Required Reading 9.02.2011

Required ReadingRequired Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week. The stuff that’s worth bookmarking and gets my brain-juices flowing.

In the simplest terms, this week was awesome!

Five principles for a profound workday from Zen Habits – There are some ideas here that I certainly need to adapt to my own workday flow.

• I have a new favorite blog that I discovered this week – How to Be A Retronaut – And have more than a few awesome links to share from it this week. The first is a collection of Brooklyn gang photos from 1959, documenting a group called The Jokers.

• Visually, I am obsessed with this music video for These New Puritans We Want War Directed by Daniel Askill. A stunning series of visuals.

• Don’t forget to check out my interview on ASMP’s website for the their Best of 2011 collection.

• I will most certainly be investing heavily in some Sugru Hacking Putty for repairing all of my deteriorating Apple charger cables, among numerous other home hacks.

• The cheesy western/samurai loving film nerd in me is kind of dying to see Bunraku, this may be the best/worst film I have waited to see all year – Also…. Ron Perlman makes every movie better.

• A beautiful collection of fishing lure images from Pelle Bergström

• A really pretty black and white motion series of NYC during Hurricane Irene.

• Candy, corporate logos, and deep philosophical meditation on the nature of consumerism…. Whats not to love. 

• My second link of the week from How to Be A Retronaut – The eminently frightening Micky Mouse gas mask. 

• I want to plaster my workspace with these simple posters from Paper Jam– My favorite? “Don’t Sweat The Technique’

• There is something simultaneously sad, sweet, touching, scary, depressing, and uplifting about the wonderfully animated Chipotle commercial. I am having a lot of conflicting emotions about it, but as an art piece I really like it.

• My last Retronaut update – Teddy Girls circa 1950’s – so stylish.

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