Required Reading 8.19.2011 – Reinvigorated

Required Reading is a weekly listing of all the bits of visual inspiration, cool videos, news, hip links, and miscellaneous information that rattles my head during the week. The stuff that’s worth bookmarking and gets my brain-juices flowing.

Finishing up the last straggling projects left over from my crazy week of personal shooting. I feel absolutely energized from all the experimentation. Ill be spending the day prepping estimates for a few incoming projects as well as eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Fuji X100, then it’s off to Canada for the weekend for a family wedding!

Stefan Sagmeister talks about the importance of staying lean in business to maintain creative freedom.

• A very interesting service for helping you track down a stolen camera online.

• I discovered the I Need Nice Things shop a few days ago, and have been lusting after some of their posters, especially this one. 

• I am more than a little fascinated by this interpretation of Kubrick’s The Shining through graphical visualization techniques.

• Some great tips for the emerging photographers on writing job estimates from Angela Mateus.

• Riki Tinoza really caught my eye this week with the project Hats.

Sean Armenta did a great interview this week on RAW

• I have been observing so many moments of poor judgement on social media by an a young photographer online lately (and that is a whole other post in itself) that this post on how to become the worst Facebook friend ever brought a smile to my face.

• Five rules for creative culture that photographers could learn something from.

Instagram is now so ingrained in our photographic vernacular that you can now bring those signature looks to Photoshop with these Instagram actions. 

• I am falling in love with Blink Magazine

• After an entire week of shooting almost exclusively for myself I do not think I could agree with this article on unnecessary creation more, it was unbelievably invigoration from a creative and personal viewpoint.

• Remember, Cameracake is now live! Go sign up and start sharing.

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