Being Ignored Is A Choice

I have been thinking a lot about my previous post, Ten Ways to NOT Become a Successful Photographer, the past few days as I have been feeling a bit introspective about photography as of late. Here is another way to screw up on your journey to becoming a pro, an unofficial number eleven if you will.

Wait For Them To Come To You

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” ~ Thomas Alva Edison

There is a certain passivity that I see exhibited in many emerging photographers today. Whether it is brought on by fear of success, resistance, procrastination, or ego is irrelevant – we must make sure that through our work and actions that others cannot help but pay attention. This is no longer an endeavor where one can sit passively hoping that people stumble upon one’s work, that sort of laziness does not suit an era in which competition is fierce and worthy, media is widely distributed and available, and the notion of regional limitations means less and less everyday.

It is time to not just do, but to actually get excited about sitting down to make those sales calls, sending those promos, and building relationships with the community of clients and peers that you surround yourself with. Learn to infuse even the little and mundane details of your business with the same passion that you bring to any of your creative projects. Strive to be a leader and a learner to solidify your reputation through actions. Practice and experiment until your work is the best it can be, then make it better by infusing a healthy dose of YOU into it. Most importantly, take an active hand in shaping your future and your role in this industry – no one else can do it for you, and no one else can tell you what path is best for you. Put your head down and get ready to work, because you get back what you put in.

If you want people to hear your message, make some noise they can’t ignore.

5 thoughts on “Being Ignored Is A Choice”

  1. It’s so different in situations, sometimes you have just to do your WORK.
    You see spending time on client search is a realt time…
    I prefer to WORK-WORK and let the agent find me clients, or something like this.


  2. I love your quote! And agree that in the pursuit of dreams and expression, you must not only get OUT there, you have to be aware of the opportunities that Fate throws into your path. Just like in dating.. Mr./Mrs. Right almost NEVER falls from the sky into your living room! (ick thank god.. what a mess THAT would be!)

    But its very, very difficult to balance supporting yourself with pursuing your dreams. Yet in today’s world of easy exposure on the internet there is no excuse NOT to maximize your artistic output. Its just you won’t get paid for it!!


    1. I think that with strategic negotiation and leverage of the work you allow to be distributed over digital channels, proper copyright registration, and proper digital asset management it is more than possible to get paid for your work online. Especially where commercial entities are concerned.


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