2011 Business Cards

My new 2011 Business Cards

For 2011, me and graphic designer Nubby Twiglet decided to revamp my business cards for a more upscale presentation. For years I had used cards with images on them to promote myself, but I found that by the time I had given away a stack of cards that I had grown a little tired of presenting the same image over and over. Similarly, I also found that the image on the cards was not always appropriate to all the different types of customers I deal with. The decision was made to create a card with no image, one with a a bit of mystery that would push recipients to my site to see my work, rather than having them make a snap judgement based on one image. Nubby had been suggesting for some time that I consider a blind embossed card with a much thicker stock, and I was quickly hooked on the idea ultimately Nubby presented me with a design using my logo as a pattern of blind embossed elements that immediately caught my eye. I had the final cards produced by Taste of Ink and am very happy with both the quality and overall impressive feel of the cards.

You can also stop by her blog to Nubby’s take on the design.

2011 business cards

2011 Business cards

2 thoughts on “2011 Business Cards”

  1. Interesting idea to not include a photo, I like it. They look gorgeous, I can imagine they have a great feel as well. Next time I’m in Buffalo I’ll look you up, I’d like one myself!


    1. Thanks

      I have been feeling recently that going sans image keeps the cards much more timely and fresh feeling, while pushing contacts to the website rather than having a dated card image be their first impression. Overall I am happy as I wanted something more up-scale and elegant – which is what i got.


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