Personal Outlets

Every now and then I go a little stir crazy…. creatively speaking that is. Sometimes it happens when I have been working on a long string of productions that have not afforded me time to work on my personal projects. Sometimes it happens when I feel like I have hit a road block or a stagnant period in the evolution of my photography. I am grateful for every single one of the amazing clients that I have forged relationships with over the years, and I am lucky to work with some amazingly talented individuals – but every now and then I get that itch to make something for myself, to create some work where I am completely in control. Recently my Pigment series was one such personal project that I found extremely fulfilling.

My trusty moleskine full of rambling half ideas

Lately I have been writing prolifically in my little black book of ideas, referred to affectionately as “The book that never leaves my side” by my close friends. This book seems to accompany me wherever I go… bed, work, car…etc. I seem to be constantly jotting down ideas and notions for personal projects in it, and indeed, the past few weeks I have been. To cut a long story short – you can expect to see a rather large influx of new projects coming from me in coming months that exist a little outside the spectrum of my recent commercial and editorial work, as I get ready to move into my new studio space I am very excited to get to make some of these images I suddenly have floating in my head a reality.

1 thought on “Personal Outlets”

  1. Same here, Luke.

    I keep a couple of moleskines in heavy use. One for daily business notes – client research, time spent on tasks, lists, quick to dos, etc. The other one is purely creative ideas – sketches, lighting diagrams, notes from shoots, ideas for projects, etc.

    As analog as notebooks are, they are perfect for raw ideas and information, and sometimes analog is quicker than pulling up an app. For me, the freedom to scribble allows my mind to quickly expand on ideas, rather than risk distraction from 1s and 0s.

    Ideas are fleeting moments, so I need to catch them as quickly as possible before they disappear.

    Thanks for sharing



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