29andhungry writer Erin McPartlan

Feeling hungry? Want to make something delicious? Have no idea how to cook? no worries… neither does my girlfriend Erin.

I recently took on the assignment to produce a series of images for the exciting new food blog 29ANDHUNGRY – my girlfriend and culinary novice Erin McPartlan’s chronicle of her cooking education and experimentation that she hopes will take her from frozen food aficionado to kitchen ninja.  Rather than toe the line of innumerable Julie and Julia imitators, 29ANDHUNGRY offers a different take on one person’s exploration of food, dining, and shopping – focusing on the locally produced foods available in Buffalo, NY, its restaurants and food culture, and Erin’s own background as someone who comes from a family of chefs and restauranteurs while she herself cannot cook. This is not the instantly accepting blind praise of a foodie who raves about everything she eats, Erin Is opinionated, sarcastic, witty, and a self-confessed extremely picky eater who is willing to challenge herself as a consumer of edibles by regularly exposing herself to foods, techniques, and culinary ideas outside of her comfort zone.

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