Jason Stoos – Part One

Photographer Jason Stoos photographed by Buffalo Photographer Luke Copping

There is something both immensely rewarding and simultaneously off-putting about photographing other photographers. Being asked by another artist to create an image for them brings with it a great feeling, But it is quite interesting to deal with a subject who, for the most part, is used to being on the other side of the camera. Sometimes putting them in front of the lens can lead to a manic and energetic interaction or conversely, an evasive emotional ambiguity that is quite beautiful, the results are always interesting. Other photographers have become some of my favorite subjects as of late. I have also discovered in recent weeks that I am falling madly in love with square cropped images again.

These images of Jason Stoos, photographer and my (sometimes) assistant, are part of my ongoing series of portraits documenting photographers and creatives in Western New York. I’ll be sharing a few other images from this series here on the blog in the coming weeks.

Jason Stoos posing with vintage Konica Camera by Buffalo photographer Luke Copping

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