Go Outside and Play

A lot of creatives spend a lot of time in one place. We work in our studios or at our computers – often for stretches of time that most others would find unhealthy. This is especially true  for those who may work out of a home office, sometimes we can start to suffer a from a little bit of cabin fever, that internal restlessness that frustrates us and destroys our productivity. We try to work through it, which just frustrates us more. Sometimes we just need to get outside and let ourselves decompress in the open air.

Its a beautiful 47 degrees here in Buffalo today, cool but surprisingly gorgeous considering the long winter we have had. I am going to hit the streets for a long walk in the sun. I suggest that you get out there and reconnect with your surroundings a bit, you won’t believe how much it can fortify you. Take a long lunch, an even longer stroll, and explore a bit.

Buffalo Photographer Luke Copping

Go Outside and Play

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