Required Reading

• A wonderful Australian short by Adam Anthony utilizing both live action and time-lapse photography techniques.

The Maestro from Adam Anthony on Vimeo.


• Use simple psychology to neutralize those pesky internet trolls that plague your pages and forums

• If you are anything like me, you don’t work in the most ergonomically beneficial environment. Here are six exercises from the 99% that you can use to de-stress your body and mind during a tough day of desk jockeying.

• Syd Mead’s elegant and timeless designs for the original Tron

• Swiss Miss is covering a neat little iPad app in development called LetterMPress that is being funded through Kickstarter, I am kind of fascinated with it.

• Add some spice to what you offer your customers – solid advice from the always reliable Seth Godin.

• Who knew it was all so simple…. How to be incredible in 15 practical steps.

• But what I want to know is if the you of today even going to like the you of tomorrow? Advanced Riskology examines you today vs. you tomorrow.

• The Department of the 4th Dimension presents three of the most interesting food videos I have ever laid my eyes upon in their dream sequences series. Not only am I visually stunned, but I am also very, very, hungry!

• Feel like you are lacking direction today? Lighting Essentials bring you a GPS for your photography.

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