Required Reading

• 500 Photographers featured Quentin Shih this week. Quentin is currently one of my favorite photographers out there, especially his Shanghai Dreamers series.

• I am in love with these new ads for Cerveza Del Cura that I ran across on I Believe In Advertising.

• Amazingly intricate book art.

• The late Captain Beefheart relates 10 commandments for guitar players that reads as esoteric and eccentric. Yet I cannot help but think they are terribly true, and possibly relate to everything… universally…  especially photography.

• We can all use a dose of frugality from time to time, we tend to want way more than we need. Here is 43 common sense ways to save some money this year.

• Another great campaign I found on I Believe In Advertising, this time for Ligne Roset. This site is becoming one of my daily must reads.

• For all my efficiency nerds out there – here are 10 really great time-saving web tools from the 99%. I am really digging

• I have looked up to Eric Schwabel’s work for years, this week he is featured on fstoppers for the unique mobile studio he built at Burning Man this year.

• I have watched this TED video of Amy Tan multiple times this week. A fantastic introspective look into the evolution of her own creative process.

• ASMP Rolls out a new campaign for their brilliant Find a Photographer Service. A great tool for editors and art buyers.

• Ray Bradbury reminds you to be your own self.

• DJ Knife’s mix The Best of Chainsaw Dubstep has been the soundtrack for all of my amazingly productive week.

The Best of Chainsaw Dubstep by d.j.knife

• I think this is what happens when you let ICP fans go to design school… its kind of awesome.

• I am immediately charging someone in Buffalo with a mission – build me a literary bar.

Ladytron’s recent video for Ace of Hz, directed by the inimitable Chino Moya, is just perfect. Aside from being one of my favorites acts, this video is just exquisite in its mood and production

2 thoughts on “Required Reading”

  1. That Ladytron video is my favorite since I posted Uniforms for the Dedicated’s video for “March of No Coincidence” on Required Reading months ago.

    They held the title for quite some time, before that it was “I Say Fever” By Ramona Falls


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