Looking back on SB3 and Ten Older Posts

Luke Copping - Portrait of the Buffalo Photographer by Clark Dever. Taken at the ASMP Sb3 Conference In Philadelphia. - Portrait fot he Buffalo Photographer by Clark Dever

I just returned to Buffalo after attending ASMP’s fantastic event, Strictly Business 3, which was held in Philadelphia this past weekend. I drove down there late last week with fellow Buffalo photographers and ASMP members Jim Cavanaugh, Aaron Ingrao, and Clark Dever (who took the portrait of me above at the conference). SB is an event that I recommend that every professional photographer attend regardless of skill level or experience.  On top of all the great stuff that this community of professional photographers shared with each other about the business side of professional photography, we also had a lot of conversations about the nature of creativity, personal work, technology, attitude, mental outlook, and adaptability as artists – topics that I regularly write about on this blog.

I wanted to share a quick rundown of some of the posts on this blog that cover these topics, I got to participate in several in-depth discussions about these entries during the three days I was at the conference. So many of the wonderful artists and business people there have given me great feedback and ideas for new posts that you will be seeing soon.

• 10 Ways to NOT Become a Successful Photographer

• 4 Solutions for 99 Excuses

5 Things the Punk Rock Taught Me About Photography, Hard Work, and Everything Else

Quick Questions With Smart People: Nubby Twiglet

5 Fears that Kill Creativity

5 Subjects you Dream about Photographing

Negativity As a Virus And Four Ideas on How to Treat It

We Are More Than Our Tools

Attitude Matters

5 Analog Items That Can make Your Life More Creative

And stop by the #SB3 Facebook wall as well, you might have to dig a bit, but you can find an amazingly embarrassing video of me singing Journey at a karaoke bar during the conference.

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