Required Reading

I’ll be in Philadelphia PA attending ASMP’s Strictly Business 3 Conference this weekend. So here’s a slightly abridged version of Required Reading in the meantime.

• Sometimes the most basic advice is the best, keep it simple, keep it smart. Swissmiss presents John C. Jay’s ten lessons for young designers, but every single one of these is a tenet that every photographer should take to heart as well. And John is right, #2 is the best competitive advantage you can have.

Danny Cohen is the perfect example of someone willing to go the extra mile and do something radical, exciting, loud, and maybe a little illegal to get the job.

• A bit of productivity mega-dosing today care of Freelance Switch – 30 inherently useful tools for freelancers. I am a near religious user of Evernote already, but there are a lot of cool tools on here that are new to me as well.

Damon Winter’s missive on his use of Hipstamatic to win third place for feature picture story in this years Pictures Of The Year International. I don’t care what tool he used, these images tell an amazing story.

• My favorite stumble of the week – The Evolution of The Hipster.

• According to what we have been seeing from London Fashion week Goth Boots are Back in.

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