Required Reading

• How could someone not love this. A perfect fashion guide for vintage photo geeks pairs classic cameras with their matching footwear.

Emily Crane has fascinated me all of a sudden. A fashion designer who is exploring new techniques in developing garment and fashion materials through science and literally growing her some of her goods.

Micro-Nutrient Couture from Emily Crane on Vimeo.

• Design, typography, and impassioned quotes collide at

• A gorgeous series of images by Kim Høltermand that I stumbled across this week. Haunting in their atmosphere and their simplicity.

• Lifehacker is on a mission to save our backs and eyes with this post on how to ergonomically optimize your desk.

• This insightful video of Seth Godin talking about the respective races to the bottom and top comes to us via

• An incredibly thought-provoking article on the nature and ineffectiveness of workaholism

• An in-depth look from Chase Jarvis at how managing weather research can be a huge benefit to your photography and video projects.

• And finally, just for fun, an addictive Playmobil stop motion video of Joy Division playing “Transmission”

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