Required Reading

• My new favorite thing of the week – The new Splash 2011 calendar is awe inspiring. A mix of film history, inspired styling, references to german expressionism and vintage sci-fi, and superb lighting.

• It’s never too late to start over and make something of your second chance. Here are 19 examples of artists who did just that (some for the best…… others nots so much…)

• For every nerdy kid and retro obsessive this book will be an object of desire – Monté: King Of The Atom Age Monster Decals

• And while were talking about retro obsessive coolness – Bon Duke directed this incredibly cool video which I have been watching all week. Check out his homepage for more amazing work.

• A proposed and artistically inspired idea on what to do with the famously derelict Buffalo grain elevators and silos.

• More of me being a film nerd – #20-11 of the greatest film noir posters of all time, some of my favorite pieces of cinematic design.

• Forget these just applying to blogging, these quotes from the inimitable David Ogilvy are appropriate for all creatives.

• My obsession with simple and stylish music videos continues with Into the Heart by Mirrors. Directed by London outfit Academy Films.

Van Gogh, now in info-graphic form!

• My new favorite blog, Advanced Riskology, asks a question – Are you living, or living vicariously?

• How to create an easy street photo session – via fstoppers.

• The second of my two current music video obsessions, My name is Trouble by Keren Ann. There is something about the simplicity of this, along with its Robert Palmer-esque role reversals that proves you don’t need to make something complicated to make something amazing.

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