The College Years Part One – Ice

Ice bulb in ice from the college years

Inspired by my friend from collegeย Douglas Sonders, I’ve recently been digging through a bunch of old drives that I have not looked at since I graduated from RIT in 2003. In the process I have unearthed a lot of old work: some embarrassing stuff, some not so bad, and some just plain unusual. I’ll be bringing you some collections of this work over the coming weeks. The first of these series is from my senior year. One of my projects throughout that period found me somewhat obsessed with photographing various objects that I had frozen in ice. It was a growing experiment that did not start out so well due to problems with really cloudy ice. But with research and practice, I got pretty good at the process of making ice, which helped to improve the results of the images greatly. I froze everything, grooming tools, kitchen utensils, flowers, glass, figurines, fishing gear, and more. I’ll be on the lookout in case I come across any other images from this series to share. I would love for more artists to share the fruits of their early labors; do you know where your old work is?

Flower frozen in ice from the college years

pink Flowers in ice from the college years

Flower in ice from the college years

Lure in ice from the college years

Nail Clipper in ice from the college years

9 thoughts on “The College Years Part One – Ice”

  1. I would buy a print of the frozen purple flower, I think it’s purdy. ๐Ÿ˜€ I really like the blue one at the bottom too, whatever it is – something sort of Yves Klein meets abstract expressionism about it.

    This wasn’t so bad by the way, get to the embarrassing stuff already! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. These are very awesome.. I actually would like to see old photos from college that are in the style you do now (beauty, portraits, etc) because I am curious to see how much better you’ve gotten since then with something to compare it to!


    1. I wish I had some. I shot very few portraits in college and mainly focused on still life. I will dig some out though, If I can bear to show them….


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