Required Reading

• Some of the coolest looking book collections I have ever laid my eyes on. Prime viewing for literary nerds.

• 500 Photographers has been on a roll lately, featuring some of my favorites – both old and new: Ellen Kooi, Chloe Aftel, and Irene Andessner.

Five ways to end your freelance career – Via Freelance Switch

• A quick refresher course on the new e-mail etiquette for professional efficiency from the 99%

• Since I’m currently sick and trying to consume as much spicy food as possible to keep my sinuses clear, I am all about turning up the winter heat with this cookbook.

Pinterest – A cool looking site for tracking visual inspiration. I plan on playing with this a lot in the coming days.

• A new show reel from the awesome Rhea Anna is up over at her blog – Anna Logue.

• For the vintage photography lover in all of us comes an exquisite collection of late victorian cabinet card backmarks.

• What a flash bulb looks like at 1052 FPS … So Cool.

• Helping all of us desk Jockeys get in shape – The Freelancer Workout.

• Via A Photo Editor – To Work Free or Not To Work Free?

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