Perfect End To The Weekend

Jenn Kay posing in the snow with black corset, plastic couture cowl, and blue plastic leggings.

A quick rundown of the weekend……ok……GO!

Weekends are rarely this busy, but this one culminated in a marathon of almost 48 hours of straight shooting which included: A huge beauty editorial for a magazine that has been in production for two months, A commercial shoot,  two sessions shooting for a new personal project, and on top of all that one of my favorite people came up from NYC to Buffalo for a long overdue visit.

It has been almost 3 years since me and Jenn Kay last worked together, but this weekend she was in town for a few days. Rather than just a quaint visit and catchup session with my old friend, we decided that we should get out and shoot some new images. I could not think of a more fun way to end such a hectic weekend. Thankfully she knows how to travel in style and had some unique wardrobe ideas planned. Sarah Shriver from Plastic Couture also gave us a few accessories from her new line to play around with. Despite the brutal weather, much of the area being buried in snow, and access to many areas cutoff by road conditions, days like this are still just so much fun for me. To be able to drive around with a friend, joking around and searching for locations and interesting spots to shoot in, despite having no game plan, is a great adventure and one of the things I truly love about being a photographer. The thing I like best about working with Jenn is that she is a true rockstar – willing to brave the cold and wind to get create a fantastically cool image together.

I have spent the past two days back in the office sorting through all of these images and trying to drink enough tea to drown the cold I got from working outside so much over the weekend. Tomorrow I begin preparations for an upcoming string of productions that I am excited to get started on. Keep an eye open for a lot of new images over the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Perfect End To The Weekend”

  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! Jenn is a model that can definitely style herself WELL. I appreciate this collaboration, bravo!


  2. This is just a fabulous photo! The blue and winter landscape with the ice/snow on the lake is just perfect… and I love her pose!


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