Required Reading

• f-stoppers brings you an amazing 8 part video series about adapting to DSLR Video.

• For those of you unlucky enough to live in warmer climes and not get to see all the wonderful snow I am buried under blessed with check out the beautiful collection of images of snowflakes magnified under a microscope.

• the 99% has a new piece on how your inner critic can be your best friend. But don’t forget, you have to strike a balance between letting it help you curate and letting it paralyze you with doubt.

• Zen Habit’s end of the year collection is a treasure trove of  articles on the tao of productivity

• Patton Oswalt’s brilliant and scathing indictment of the dilution of geek culture.

Seven simple ways to get motivated. Goes without saying, but sometimes we all need a reminder.

• How to increase your luck

• And finally, something for all you end of the year conspiracy theorists. See you all in 2011.

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