Life On My Phone

One thing that I firmly believe is that your equipment and camera have no bearing on whether or not an image is interesting – hi-fi, lo-fi, Hasselblad or iPhone, outside of the technical requirements of commercial photography it is purely the image that matters. Earlier this year my girlfriend convinced me to start documenting moments from my day-to-day life with my iPhone. Since most of my work is normally very production oriented, often working with large styling and production teams on commercial and editorial projects, this kind of photography is very much the exact opposite of how I normally work. I must say though, that since I have started on this project, I have come to love the aesthetic and feel of these images. There is something simplistic and gratifying about the lo-fi method of shooting these that reminds of when I first started taking pictures as a kid. Additionally there is something about the inherent rawness and lack of perfection in these images that can make even the most mundane subjects interesting.  Here are some of my favorites from the last half of this year.

Premiere Liquor Sign

I am fascinated by the signs in the area I live. From the decaying vintage motel signs in Niagara Falls to this Premier sign caught right before sundown.

Bird on Main st during morning walk

On an afternoon walk to the taco truck near my office for lunch. I caught site of a lone bird braving the cold for some lunchtime scraps.

Kemper making face outside

Kemper, one of my girlfriend’s Great Danes, has been a near constant source of photographic obsession for me.

ski country near ithaca

The gate of an estate up in the ski areas around Ithaca, NY. Blanketed in winter snow,

House at night near ithaca NY

Driving the back roads of New York State late at night can be haunting. Miles and miles of darkness and overgrowth oppress your senses, the radio is the only thing keeping you company. Every now and then a well-lit house or farm will rise out of the darkness in an almost sinister way, making the rest of that empty road seem even darker by comparison.

Arena Interior

An arena in Buffalo, after wrapping a shoot that had taken place there .

Window washers in downtown buffalo

Window washers working in late afternoon near my home.

Adam after he smashed his face

Film critic Adam Rosina, recovering from some injuries.


More signage from Western New York.

The lake at Ithaca

View from a lake cottage, Ithaca NY. Birds and ducks dotted the entire surface of the lake here, in seemingly limitless numbers

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