Required Reading

• Being a Canadian kid who moved to the states, I will always have fond memories of Canadian children’s television. Any freelancing lesson you can learn from Mr. Dressup is a lesson worth learning

• I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a professional designer on your promotional pieces. For those that insist on the DIY route it pays to be informed. Thankfully smashing magazine has a great guide to choosing typefaces that can serve as an intro to those photographers choosing to dabbling in design.

• Setting goals is one thing, making them happen are another entirely. One of the first steps is having a specific and clear vision in mind, another is dropping by Nubby Twiglet’s site and reading this article.

• The DAM Book Blog has some great ideas and resources for those starting to consider a career as a professional photographer.

Through the Looking Glass is my newest blog obsession. The articles range from photographers profiles to discussions about photography’s place in the new web economy to great examples of self promotion.

• I want this, seriously. I am gonna order one shortly, I cannot wait to play around with this camera.

• An in-depth look at some creative self promotion campaigns. Via

Everything I learned about freelancing I learned from WHAM. Via Freelance Switch.

• For the film geek in me and the film geek in all of you, Coudal partners presents possibly the greatest archive of Stanley Kubrick related material on the web. Visit on a weekend, as you can literally lose HOURS on this page.

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