The Perfect Time of Year for Enigmatic Personal Projects

Preview from personal project - Red Lips

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is traditionally a slower time for my business. Clients are often on vacation, preoccupied with family holidays, or wrapping up end of the year business details. For me it is an ideal time to develop my marketing plans for next year and to work on and finish personal projects. I’ve been working on one particular project for the past few weeks that I plan to launch shortly; hopefully just after new year. The bulk of the shooting is completed, but I have several days of post production ahead of me. The tightly cropped image above is a little teaser of what’s to come with this new series of promotional images.

What are you doing between now and the holidays? If you haven’t got any plans to work on some sort of personal or developmental project, than this is the perfect time to start working on one. Kick off the new year with a bang too, instead of quietly releasing your project. Make an event out of it to get you and your clients excited about the new year and your new work. Be mysterious, be cryptic, and then reveal that new work to the world like you are giving it a gift. There is never a bad time to shoot a creative project for yourself, but few afford you the feeling of renewal, growth, and celebration as creating new work for the new year.

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