Required Reading

Tone Matrix will rob you of your productivity for hour, .but it is a fun little creative outlet for the musically inclined.

• I always wondered what to do with those old Jaz disks in the junk drawer.

• The team from Auxiliary Magazine had me shoot a shoe editorial for their December issue. You can check out their online version below.

• The Brakha’s idea of Sketchy Mondays, the creatives answer to Google’s 20% time. Via Strobist.

Roland is God! Don’t let his rants fool you, everyone should be so lucky as to have such a brilliant teacher.

• Lenlee Jenckes and her team of photographers have put together one hell of a promo, makes me want to go out and buy an Airstream.

• This music video from Uniforms has become a bit of a visual obsession for me lately.

Uniforms feat. Maria Nordström – March of No Coincidence from Uniforms for the Dedicated on Vimeo.

• The truth some professional photographers don’t want to know.  Via Zenologue

• My good friend Rhea Anna has started her own blog, and it is wonderful reading.

• Logo Design Love’s article  “How To Promote Your Design Business” has such a wealth of information for all creatives who are running their own business.

• Facebook and other social media channels are great tools, provided that you don’t make an ass of yourself on them. Think before you post.

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