Holiday Comeback

I hope you all had a great and rewarding holiday weekend (if you live stateside that is). Hopefully you spent it with friends and family indulging in good meals and great company. Some of you will come back totally recharged and rejuvenated from the long weekend, but for many the long holiday is a devastating momentum killer. Unless one goes into these breaks with a recovery plan for the inevitable return to work (or makes a working holiday of it, like I did),  getting back into the groove of everyday freelancing can be a bit of a struggle.  This difficulty can be amplified if you are working in a creative industry. Many think that a long break might be just the impetus one needs to start developing creative ideas and generating new concepts, but many forget that creativity is often more about keeping your creative muscles sharp and toned than it is about waiting for that lightening bolt of inspiration. Taking a few days off from having to think creatively, develop concepts, and work through problem solving scenarios, can leave you feeling as through you are underperforming and working as sluggishly as an athlete who has not worked out or practiced in the off-season.

This week, make sure you get back into the creative part of your life as much as you do the business part. Take an extra day, or a few extra hours after your administrative duties are completed, to work on a personal project or take an adventure — camera in hand. The important thing is that you start to make something happen. It is the perfect time to start on the project you have always dreamt of producing, especially with another holiday and the new year right around the corner. Do not wait for the new year to make resolutions about starting your new project or bringing to life that idea that has been kicking around in the back of your head… do it now, as an early creative gift to yourself.

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