Required Reading

• The past few weeks I have been fighting a losing battle to give up caffeine, as a replacement I have been madly digesting articles about the dark wake up juice to live vicariously through others. Here’s a snarky one from Freelance Swtich.

• It’s easy to come up with the idea, and hard to follow through, Crossing the chasm to actually tackle the hard part is the focus of this Seth Godin post.

• Four photographers describe the social media workflows that have propelled their businesses to new heights.

Vice Magazine has crafted an engrossing documentary about the Aokigahara forest in Japan. An amazing film from an organization that is surprisingly becoming a vital force in hard hitting and edgy documentaries.

• Getting past motivational walls.

• The 99%’s one step plan for super productivity – Get up early.

• Check out Zack Arias new OneLight Field Guide.

• An interesting piece about whether blogging is self-exploitation.

• A music video from Frank Turner, one that helps put me in a great frame of mind to learn, fight, and take risks on my creative journey.

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