Required Reading

• A great example of using improvised tools on set, even if those tools cost about the same as a light head, how to Light a studio shot with iPads.

• Seth Godin, as usual, makes a point that deserves a long hard think about how it relates to your business and life.

Junk Store Cameras is THE definitive compendium of awesome vintage and toy cameras, more than just a museum, each camera is accompanied by a variety of interesting images taken with it.

99 Social Media Quotes is a concise and thought provoking road to building a social media philosophy.

Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods is one of the finest films to ever delve into the life and creative process of a unique and intelligent visionary. An inspiring look at one man’s unique synthesis of creativity and life.

ASMP Strictly Business: Working with a Whiner reiterates a point I made earlier this week about not being an asshole. Be the type of person people want to work with.

• What do you want to do? How do you want to change the world? can help connect you with people who may already be working on the same action platform.

• An absolutely stunning (and warp speed) behind the scenes video on Alexia Sinclair’s Macbeth Shoot.

• The 99% on how to chart and take advantage of your peak creative moments.

How Google works, an info-graphic in all the gory details

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