Required Reading

• We all do it, whether we like to admit it or not. Despite all the myriad justification and excuses we can come up with for our procrastination we all have that one task that we keep pushing to the back of the pile. Leo Babauta from Zen Habits presents some simple remedies for procrastination.

• According to web consulting guru Jakob Nielson, people are starting to tune out generic internet photographs as static.

• Have an interest in traveling for a photographic project but your budget is standing in your way? Tim Ferriss and Tim Leffel lists 8 exotic countries you can travel to on the cheap.

• No shoot goes perfect, especially when you are in the wild. Stephen Fry stands by while a wildlife photographer has a bird get friendly with him.

• After a week  ASMP posting varying opinions on the topic of cold calls being an integral part of a photographer’s sales repertoire, Amanda Sosa-Stone and Suzanne Sease have an article on ASMP’s strictly Business blog about the results that their clients have gotten through calling programs.

• Rob Haggart shares a facebook update from Allegra Wilde that delivers an important message.

• What happened to our downtime?

• Chase Jarvis’ keynote address on social art, and the ensuing panel discussion are a must watch event.

• Zack Arias shares a sobering and somewhat humorous post about generic top ten lists and his own fears and worries.

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