Required Reading

• Arev Manoukian’s Nuit Blanche is one of the best short films I have ever seen, check it out at Fstoppers along with a great behind the scenes video on its creation. A stylish noir inspired piece that moves in unexpected directions.

• There are a lot of sites out there for keeping up with fantastic advertising campaigns from all over the world, but my new favorite is I Believe in Advertising, a well curated blog of beautiful ad campaigns, like this one for Mr. Clean.

• I am dying to see this short documentary that explores creativity and how influencers are a prime force in causing ideas to become contagious, check out the trailer for Influencers below, and check out their Facebook page too.

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

• Need a place to work when you are traveling on a production? Or do you work from home and just need a temporary office/workspace from time to time? Desks Near Me might be a great solution for you, a service that helps you find shared and short-term workspaces in whatever area you may happen to find yourself in.

• Freelance Switch ran a piece earlier this week laying out seven simples ideas to improve your photography blog, I love #4, I have seen far too many blogs with month-long gaps between posts lately.

• In honor of Halloween, check out the work of Joshua Hoffine, Self styled horror photographer. Joshua brings higher production value and unique vision to his terrifying images of childhood horror than a lot of others who work in a similar genre. His blog is worth a look too as it is full of production images and behind the scenes info

• Not that it needs restating, but Seth Godin is a constant source of insightful thought and helpful information. This week there were two particular posts on his blog that I wanted to share with you. The first is a short and to the point statement about the pointlessness of whining that everyone should take to heart. The second piece is about the difference between organizing for output and organizing for joy.

• Judy Herman from ASMP’s Strictly Business blog on how a simple analog tool can help you to make your pricing more accurate.

• In a non photography related moment of cinematic and cartographical geekery, I love this map of the U.S.  broken down by the films the best define each state.

• Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, Harrison Bergeron, has long been one of my favorite pieces of literature, last year a short version of the film came out called 2081. Remember how important it is to maintain your own personal vision in your work, and never forget how important it is to use our abilities to better the world and ourselves.

2081 Trailer from 2081 on Vimeo.

• I am wonderfully entranced by Andrej Belic’s undersea photography. Take the time to dig through this site as some of these images are absolutely haunting.

• The definitive list of online photography magazines.

• High density visual stimulation by color presented by Random got Beautiful.

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