Quick Cuts: Making Use of Downtime

While working on a busy production I had some downtime with Model Kate O’Connor and stylist Andrea Lossecco to create a series of images for a personal project I am working on. Sometimes, the logistics of a project leave you with opportunities like this, where you just need to take advantage of your surroundings and time to get out there and shoot something for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Quick Cuts: Making Use of Downtime”

    1. Thanks Mike

      A lot of credit goes to the whole team from the production. Andrea is a fantastic makeup artist and Kate an equally talented model. It just happened to work out that we had the chance to shoot all these outdoor pieces during some free time after the knife production. I am very happy with these as a continuation of one of my personal projects.


    1. The winter is one of the best features of living in an area with the climate that the north east does. If anything, I plan to be shooting outdoors on a more regular basis this winter. I’m filling my notebooks with concepts and plans for a variety of productions.

      :edit: as a side note Zach, these weren’t taken at the trail you are thinking of, but further down the shore line, past the beach.


  1. Great images! Most people outside this area don’t associate trendsetting fashion photography with Buffalo, NY but you’re obviously proving this (unfair) misconception to be untrue. Inspiring work.


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