Beauty Assignment – Marie Vaccarello

Marie Vaccarello

Two final takes from a recent beauty assignment I shot in Western New York with Marie Vaccarello. Projects like this are pure pleasure for me. I have worked with Marie since I returned to photography as a career. Marie and me started out around the same time and have been regular collaborators since then, our talents and skills growing with the other’s to create better and better images. These are two of my favorite images I have of Marie, and the shoot was one of those wonderful projects where all the elements just fell into place.  A small crew, consisting of just myself and the styling team came together to capture Marie for these print campaigns, the warm and pink background was chosen to bring Marie’s striking and unique features center stage, as was the makeup designed by the wonderful Andrea Losseco and striking hair by Heather Ptasnick. After a summer spent shooting a great deal of outdoor productions, it was so nice to work with a professional that I am also lucky to call my friend, to create this series of simple, timeless, and elegant images.

Marie Vaccarello

7 thoughts on “Beauty Assignment – Marie Vaccarello”

    1. Thanks Erin, It was our goal to build that sort of simple contrast with the makeup. With so many light warm tones running through the image, it was important to have one dark anchor element. In this case its the makeup and it really brings you right to her eyes.

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