Required Reading

• Zack Arias currently has quite the discussion going on about his latest blog post; Cheap photographers Only Kill Themselves, Not The Industry Its a rather polarizing discussion about the nature of amateur vs. expert, and the real world impacts of each camp on their own business and the industry of photography as a whole. Whatever your opinions on the issue, please stop by Zack’s blog and contribute to the discussion.

• Nubby Twiglet talks about just being yourself in the design world, she sums it up so well in the last line “Fuel your passion. Keep on being you. Be timeless” This can easily be taken as a life lesson for photographers, or anyone else, as well.

• Worried about your marketing budgets? here is a great example of a DIY, low budget marketing campaign done with some style.

• Another article originally aimed at the designers, but there is so much here that photographers can take away. Smashing Magazine on How to Promote Yourself to Your Dream Clients.

I love DIY projects, especially ones that have instant and easily implemented results, heres one that caught my eye this week, a DIY PVC skate dolly from

Hunter S. Thompson’s application letter to the Vancouver Sun.

• A graphic guide to facebook portraits.

• He wanted to be your neighbor, now he is your marketing guru; what we can all learn from Mr. Rogers

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