Required Reading

• A beautiful flickr gallery of Tokyo cabs at night. All sleek metal, glass, plastic, and light, zipping through the neon drenched night.

• Evidence that a cool trailer can sell anything. Solitaire has never looked so fun or relevant as it does here.

• Gala Darling shares 10 of the most important ideas you will ever here on the topic of being happy as an artist. Simple, concise, to the point, and most importantly, true.

• A little bit of time that will definitely not be wasted. 14 powerful TED talks by photographers.

• the 99% echoes my longstanding belief in using analog rituals and methods to increase focus and become more productive.

• Having a tough time sticking with your blog? feel demoralized? go read this great guest article over on problogger.

• Chase Jarvis’ new short film, Benevolent Mischief, is just plain awesome. Watch it and then go make something of your own.

• Great interview with photographer and blogger Andrew Hetherington

•’s post on how to find success as a self-employed designer has some great tips that can be translated into the experiences of photographers as well.

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