Work Music – 15 Songs To Work To While The Weather Changes

We are introducing a new feature here on the blog, it is called Work Music. Every thursday a new playlist will be posted, 12-15 song lists perfect for retouching, shoots, general office work, and creating moods. We will even be bringing in some guest creatives from time to time to share the music that they work to. With the weather in western New York starting to become a little colder, we are beginning to enter my favorite time of the year; fall. I find myself putting away the frenetic and aggressive music that keeps my energy levels up in the summer (a much needed effect, I am most definitely a cold weather person and generally dislike the heat) and replacing it with more down tempo, melancholy fall music that I often find myself listening to during marathon retouching bouts or long blogging sessions.

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Check back regularly for some bouts of inspiration and sonic nourishment to help you through those rough days at work. Highlights of this list for me are definitely the tracks from Leonard Cohen, City & Colour, The Moody Blues, and Angels of Light. All great songs that are worth the purchase.

1 thought on “Work Music – 15 Songs To Work To While The Weather Changes”

  1. Great playlist! This looks like an awesome website – can’t wait to make some playlists of my own. Maybe I’ll listen to yours while working today and see if it increases my productivity, ha!


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