Required Reading

• Former model and guerilla self portraitist Elle Muliarkchyk talks with The 99% about the how the needs of her creativity change her life and how to properly appreciate your crew.

• A who’s who of fantastic photographers and photo industry insiders including Joe Mcnally and Casey Templeton discuss what they wish they had learned when they were in photo school. is covering recent statements made by the istockphoto COO about diminishing royalty payments and the unsustainability of the microstock industry. Take Rob’s last line of the post to heart “Trying to be the cheapest is a miserable business to be in”

• Jeremy Nicholl has a more in depth analysis of this same in microtstock industry shakeup over at his page; The Russian Photo Blog

A strange new meme from two Riverdance veterans. WHat I appreciate about this video, aside from their incredible movement and coordination. Is how his juxtaposed against such a placid environment. I also love the way its which it is composed and shot. More importantly, it makes me smile.

American Drink has become my new favorite blog that covers drinking from a cerebral but non-pretentious angle. Collections of quotes about imbibing are mixed in with bar room anecdotes and scientific missives on how to make the perfect ice for your cocktails.

Darwin Deez’s music video is an fun parody of the most horrendous of science and space programs. Perhaps the most oddly charming video I have seen in a long time.

• Things that make you go hmmmm! ok! but bad 90’s dance music puns aside – Stricly Business has a piece up about the power of one single bit of onomatopoeia

• A older, but still thought provoking post from Nubby Twiglet. Outtakes from The Brand Gap

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