Required Reading


A great source of visual inspiration for photographer and video artists. CLIPTIPr is an amazingly well curated and regularly updated collection of music videos and video art with the occasional promotional video and commercial thrown in.Often on the cutting edge of production and style, the collection also includes the occasional classic video that still carries impact, style, and mood today. Great for a daily visual treat from a variety of styles.

The Launch Coach

With all the marketing consultants, productivity experts, planning coaches, and inspirational writers out there espousing their own unique philosophy, so many seem to overlap into the same touchy-feely crap that borders on sounding more like an excerpt from The Secret rather than practical and intelligently though out advice and planning. There are a few that have stood out to me over the years: Leslie Burns, Steven Pressfield, and Seth Godin. Added to that list is Dave Navarro, the Launch Coach. I’ve found a series of practical and free articles on his website featuring info on networking strategies that are outside the norm, ideas for building revenue streams, and influential pieces on dealing with self sabotage. You may have seen his writing on other blogs, such as Freelance Switch and Freelance Folder

The Mix – Photo Shelter

A great and must read article by consultant Selina Maitreya about putting together a successful mix of marketing channels to help get your work out there in front of the right people. Paraphrasing won’t do it justice, so just go read it.

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