Required Reading

• The 99 percent has a new article up all about the importance of the word “no” to your creative business and using it to maintain your creative focus from project to project. Rather than spreading yourself too thin, follow through is the key to project completion and keeping simplicity a part of your workflow.

• With all the changes hitting the publication and magazine world, its time that we started looking towards new concepts for the future. One that has really grabbed my attention and support is Mag+. Check out the concept video and mission statement behind this new idea in rich content delivery with the simplicity of an e-reader here.

• If  you are not reading Heather Morton’s blog yet, you should be. This art buy based out of Toronto provides insights from the other side of the line to photographers. her latest pieces of note include a discussion on Art buyers moving into the world of representing artists, An article on the importance of branding in photography and relating it to your vision, and her take on the essence of successful photography.

• The crew over at Dripbook is hosting a series about leveraging in intelligent ways to develop extremely targeted marketing lists. Check out the first installment on their blog

• A preview from V Magazine’s Size issue, beautiful work from Sølve Sundsbo brings us stunning images of plus size models from a great high fashion publication.

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