Required Reading

A brief break in todays schedule of pre-production for a heavy load of upcoming projects gave some time to pull some interesting tidbits for you to check out.

TED: Alexis Ohanian

Four and half minutes about how a social media meme ended up defining an effective Greenpeace campaign against commercial whaling. Look past the humor and environmental messages though, and it boils down to one thing, sometimes losing control is exactly what you need, if you can

The First Law of Self Promotion

Via – as important as branding and marketing is, you can only have so much style without substance. Always make sure that your putting your best images, edits, and layouts out there for others to see.

Fear of Bad Ideas

Not that a few thousand others haven’t already linked to every single Seth Godin’s informative blog entries, but this entry in particular is important for creatives. Its ok to have bad ideas, hell, its damn near necessary to have bad ideas in order to generate good ones. Just go to Seth’s site and read it there, he says it far better than I could ever sum up.

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