Required Reading 12.14.2009

I’ve been doing my best to avoid the weather and stay indoors this weekend, but to no avail, I keep having to leave the warm cocoon of my apartment to brave the cold temperatures and insane winds that have been demolishing my neighborhood and most of Buffalo the past few days. Today things seem to be lightening up a bit, and hot morning beverages are helping.

Action Method

After months of searching for a to do list / project management app that worked on my iPhone, I have finally fallen in love with Action Method. From my phone or anywhere with an internet connection I can check on the status of all my projects. Break them down into manageable steps, and even delegate those steps to stylists, assistants, etc. Rather than other solutions I have tried, which are always context based, I like having one whose interface is project based instead, it works very well for shoot production as well as managing marketing projects. And its very simple to adapt it to day to day uses as well. Right now I only have a free account and use it mainly on my phone, but will most likely upgrade to a full account in the future as it seems that Action Method has quickly become one of my most valuable tools.

The Quentin Tarantino Guide to Creating Killer Content


An interesting article aimed at writers but applicable to any creative endeavor. Tarantino’s method of selling a story through owning it provides many great tips, especially useful for photographers writing blogs. Working on your writing skills can help you in many aspects of your business.

Fashion Photography Blog

In a sea of photo business and technique blogs that exist on the internet so few are specifically targeted and offer real world advice in a such a specific industry, Melissa Rodewell’s blog and online community are the best example of a community that relates real life experiences in the fashion, style, and music photography industries to those just emerging into the industry.  The tutorials, stories, and anecdotes that she shares with her readers are topical and valuable. Featuring everything from behind the scenes looks at her photo shoots, tutorials on lighting, discussions on post processing, info on general business, and thoughts on developing ones own style and conceptualizing ideas.

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