Mark Miller


Images are a powerful factor in how we form our impressions and opinions on things, especially in regards to people. And this is doubly true in the image conscious worlds of  music, fashion, style, and art, where often times an individual is not just the defining force behind their own brand, but the brand itself. Changing your image can be a tricky thing and often polarize others opinions about you, even if that change is a natural growth that happens organically. Enter Mark, a friend of mine for years, Mark is a musician and well known concert promoter in the northeast, especially in the Western NY area. Already a polarizing figure, his years playing in hard rock bands, and bringing some of the best niche acts in the punk, hardcore, and rockabilly scenes to the area gave him a reputation that was inexorably linked to the rock genre and lifestyle, It seemed that Mark, occasionally known as Mad Dog, was a long haired fixture of the rock scene in Buffalo.

But when Mark contacted me about creating images for his new musical project, a departure from previous acts and ventures that boldly moves away from his rock roots, we decided to start crafting images that, much like his music, moved in different directions than he had been working towards in the past. It was important to create images that were simply about him, and to move away from alot of the artifice and overproduction that is often utilized in music photography today. These shots are meant to reintroduce him to his audience as a more cerebral and lyrically versatile musician that they can connect with, rather than the very physical and wild persona he had performed under for years.

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