Required Reading: Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets: Chase Jarvis – The Portrait Sessions

A special update today, something I am quite excited about. My pals at Trade Secrets has decided to release a second volume of their wonderfully educational card sets featuring beautiful images along with lighting info and tips. I was lucky enough to be featured in the first volume alongside a great pool of photographic talent and the results were fantastic, the set was beautiful and extremely informative to anyone trying to better their lighting. Today, Trade Secrets and Chase Jarvis announced the release of the second series of cards, featuring twenty two images and lighting diagrams pulled from Chase’s collection of portraits; perfect for creative inspiration. Hopefully this is just the beginning of more pro signature lines for Trade Secrets. And don’t forget to check out volume one if you haven’t already


Heather Morton: Art Buyer

A Canadian art buyer based in Toronto, Heather posts invaluable information that is useful to photographers on either side of the border. Most important, is that her musings and thoughts come from the art buyers perspective, giving it a different spin than most industry bloggers. Currently the most interesting feature of the site is a documentation of one year in the life of two photographers: Grant Harder and Jamie Hogge

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