Required Reading

After an extremely long and tiring weekend full of halloween hijinks. I am back at my desk with a fashion heavy roundup of morning reading material for you to check out.

Coudal Partners

A one stop spot for a variety of creative bits and pieces. The Coudal Partners site collects a staggering amount of content that seems to update faster than you can read it. Fresh bits of inspiration, creative minded humor, films, writing, art, contests, interesting guest writers and more. It would be hard to describe it in any more depth as the scope of their content is just staggering in quantity. Coudal Partners also sells interesting little pieces of goodness, like Field Notes notebooks and Jewelboxing, a handy and easy to customize disc packaging system.


A fashion directory that is so simple and well constructed that I could spend days wandering its dense amount of content. A listing of: models, photographers, designers, magazines, new collections, and affiliated services in an extremely visual way. My favorite current feature is the S/S ’10 show listings, a photographic digest of most of the major shows from this season. Also of note is their cover section, a handy tool for keeping track of all the current fashion rag covers from issue to issue. Spend some time here browsing when you need a quick fashion fix or a different kind of inspiration.

Fashion Gone Rogue

A light blog for keeping track of new editorials, covers, and ad campaigns in the fashion world. A great place to hit up when your running dry and need some visual refreshment. No over design here, Fashion Gone Rogue is comfortable letting the content speak for itself.

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