Required Reading: Week Four

Up extremely early today, in fact, I just got back in from an early morning assignment. I’ll be forgoing coffee for the time being so that I may possibly sleep for a few hours before I head back out for a day full of meetings. In the meantime, heres a weekly round up of reading material to get your morning going.

Burns Auto Parts

Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua is a photographic consultant and marketing specialist. Aside from the numerous services offered on her site including: consulting, marketing services, and a number of manuals of various topics relating to creative business, she also maintains an extremely interesting and helpful blog. Recent articles include her thoughts on protecting your concept treatments with NDAs, and the correlations between marketing and dating and their similar strategies. This blog should be considered essential reading for anyone interested in the current movements in photographic marketing.

Feature Shoot

An interesting blog featuring interviews and in-depth looks at the work of both up-and-coming photographers and well as established professionals whose work has taken a new or interesting turn. The work presented is of a high caliber and cover s multitude of genres and styles. Its always exciting to discover a new and talented photographer like François Coquerel or to see a known favorite like Angus Rowe MacPherson get some exposure.

The 99%

Tips and articles on productivity and creative business from the common sense to the experimental. The 99% is another one of the great sites brought to you by the Behance network. While not always practical, many of the entries are thought provoking and innovative. An recent post about the benefits of working on short deadlines offers just a taste of the true benefits if reading the 99%. Though it may not always be applicable to  your specific venture, it is always an intriguing read.

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