Adversarial Tasks

Luke - Self Portrait

Something I have been meaning to do for quite some time is to take a new self-portrait for all my press, branding, and vanity needs. If I were to tell you exactly how long i’ve been meaning to do it though,  you would be absolutely appalled, lets just say that the last time I did one I had punk rock spikes and huge blonde streaks in my hair.

This has been that one item that has been haunting the bottom of my to do list for a long time, the one that I see every day and try to rationalize putting off. We all have that one task, whether it be shooting a self portrait, rebranding, getting that new marketing campaign mailed out, or updating our websites, that we just for some reason cannot get around to doing. The smallest tasks can seem insurmountable when you build them up in your head to the point that they become almost adversarial.

Then an idea was proposed to me that struck a chord. To set aside a specific block of time each week in which to do, not the impossible, but what may to you have seemed insurmountable. Its a simple matter of instead of trying to find the time in which to complete your task, you specifically make the time. Just this simple act can change your mindset so that you own and control the task and your time. There is one other suggestion that was made in the conversation, and that was that you cannot be afraid to fail at the task, which for many, may be the root of their procrastination, if you mess it up you can always try again. The most important part of this method is not about success but about creating motion and momentum.

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